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DKG Consulting Ltd offers specialized sustainable solutions to individuals, professional groups and corporations within the fresh produce industry creating value through people, and for people, all driven by a brand-centric philosophy. DKG Consulting services are focused on greenhouse and farm activities include general advice regarding hydroponic techniques, crop or product selection, cultivar (variety/ies) selection, plant propagation processes, general cultivation practices, distance crop monitoring, feeding solutions recipes, harvesting, packaging and post-harvest practices based on Total Greenhouse Management ®and Total Farm Management® methodologies. DKG Consulting Ltd is also a service provider for quality, environmental & food safety systems and brand building.

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IQ CROPS Ltd (member of DKG Group) provides  intelligent  agricultural supplies to the agricultural sector.
In general, IQ CROPS Ltd promotes innovative solutions based in new technologies and scientific results offering safety to the consumers and the environment towards natural systems and biological solutions that promote plant health and growth.
More specific:
• Trade (wholesale – retail level) and distribution of various agricultural products such as special types of fertilizers, growth agents and pesticides for professional growers as well as hobby market.
• Alternative forms of energy solutions (e.g. photovoltaic systems, geothermal  heat, alternator of heat, wind generators, etc.)

The International Research & Training Centre for Sustainability (IRTC) is a training facilitator organisation that provides a greater understanding of key issues for the agriculture industry and provide solutions for those with an interest in the sector, through top quality speakers and presentations from industry leaders and researchers.
Training Programs :
• Total Greenhouse Management
•Total Farm Management
• Hydroponic techniques
• Greenhouse personnel technical skills
• GLOBALG.A.P. protocol
• AGRO 2-1&2-2 standard (Hellenic
certification scheme for agriculture
• ISO 9001:2008 (Quality)
• ISO 22000:2005 (Food safety)
•Total Quality Management        and logistics
 (In corporation with DKG Consulting Ltd, TUV Hellas (TUV NORD) SA, GreenQ B.V and University of Macedonia, Greece.

TROPOS BRANDING Co: a one stop creative shop, led by Christos D. Katsanos and Dimitris Gartzonikas.

We are creating stories for audiences of the digital age. In the Social Age, digital storytelling is about making your reader part of the story – letting them tell it, retell it, live it, resolve it!!
We design brands from the ground up (big B), and help existing companies present themselves better (little b) by applying "Zero to Low Budget Branding" Methodology.
B2B is OK, B2C is fantastic but H2H is an ...obsession for us!!
What exactly do we do?
We are passionate with people. We do believe that the only constant situation in earth is ....change itself! Solving the problems means that the people understand the change environment. In such cases our contribution consits to be Agents of Change.
Videostories, Copywriting, Identities, Art Direction, Web & Interactive, Product & Packaging Design, Advertising -Whatever it takes are our tools.

We're always interested in joining forces with Startups and established businesses alike through mutually beneficial Collaborative Marketing.

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DRIKA Farm was founded in 1996 by Evagelos N. Drimtzias and Katerina Kaparaki. DRIKA Farm's facilities are located in an area of 0,5 Ha on the site Ammoudares -Ierapetra, Crete,Greece, 200 meters from the sea side.Its production focused in Mini Cucumber. In 2006 the second level of investments was implemented (upgrading heating oil to LPG, a thermal, freezer, packing). In 2008 the enterprise was awarded the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification by TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) Certification Body. In 2011 DRIKA FARM became a proud member of The DKG Group of Companies and Initiatives in order to complete the whole chain "from the farm to the shelf".

The AskMe Translation and Localisation Department of the DKG Group was formed with the objective to undertake complex translation projects, offering a complete range of translation and localisation services in the Greek market. Over these years, it has specialised in the development and implementation of advanced quality-driven Greek-specific localisation techniques and the provision of turn-key localisation solutions (from planning to post-production) for the Information Technology sector. As a result, significant framework-contracts and long-term collaborations have been established between DKG and FOODPLUS , GRODAN GROUP and EUROPEAN COMMISSION  DIRECTORATE.
Today AskMe offers a full range of technical translation and localisation services almost 6 man-years in total greenhouse management, inspection –certification and Project Management tasks.